Demon röd

Zelharas 'Demon Childe' (Born Zelharas DeMelion in 3E 439), younger brother of Telharas and Felharas, is a mage, demon worshipper and necromancer who later becomes the main antagonist of the series.

Young LifeEdit

About a year after Welvin DeMelion left for the war, Melharas bore a son, who she named Zelharas. Only she knew how this happened. The Immortal Shadag the Corrupted, raped her and impregnated her, so that he could have an offspring who could do his bidding.
It was discovered at a young age that Zelharas was tuned for magic (Especially when he burnt up Felharas wooden sword, and the village smith's beard). When Telharas and Felharas left for training it was decided that Zelharas would be shipped to the University of Arcane to be a mage. But the day he was to leave, brigands attacked the farm, and his mother, Melharas, was murdered right in front of him. Feeling the rush of power flow through him, he burnt down the farm and the brigands with it. And so the first phase of Shadag's plan was complete. With nowhere to go, Zelharas followed the corrupting voice in his head. Over the course of several years he did the bidding of Shadag, gathering relics and killing people when ordered. Shadag lent his powers to Zelharas when needed, making it possible for him to take a demonic form or burn down villages if he so wished. But one day, when Zelharas was in the darkest place of his soul, he met a woman named Eirin. The love he suddenly felt for her, made him turn from Shadag. With less power, but fully sane, he joined Eirin, a mage scholar, in her travels. When Shadag could not do anything to Zelharas when he was in love, he waited for the right moment to strike.

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