First Era

Second Era

E2 1

  • Second Era starts with the foundation of neutral city Ainum

E2 246

  • The dwarven lands of Adenar are divided by civil war.
  • Portheim and Jernheim become central citystates in Adenar.

Third Era

3E 1

  • The Orcish Wars ends, beginning the era.

3E 220

  • Arnanu the Phoenix Rider is born.

3E 226

  • Durbil Bergsson is born.

ca. 3E 250

  • 'The Chaos War' begin.
  • The libraries in the High Elven city Élfanya are destroyed.

3E 307

  • Durbil Bergsson is betrayed and left for dead.
  • Durbil becomes known as Stonefist in northern Aralia.

3E 326

  • The Great Battle at Alkarando.
  • Xerathas, Emperor of the Chaos Elves, dissappears.

3E 327

  • The Chaos Elves calls for a truce against the High Elves. Though they are somewhat denied, big battles cease.

3E 432

  • The Kingdom of Aralia declare war on the tribes of Jamalien.
  • Felharas and Telharas DeMelion are born.

3E 434

  • Aludiana Starblessed is born.

3E 439

3E 441

  • Walden the Mighty is born.

3E 446

  • Erador the Berserker is born.

3E 449

  • Villemo is born.
  • Diana the Shield Maiden is born.

3E 450

3E 451

  • Viktoria is born.
  • Raemina 'The Succubus' is born.
  • Carl Gustavsson is born.

3E 453

  • Cain the Merciful is born.

3E 456

  • Telharas is declared the youngest Paladin-Commander in history.
  • Gwen "The Undead Pirate" Bellamy is born.

3E 461

3E 465

  • Paladin-Commander Telharas DeMelion dies.
  • Aludiana Starblessed dies.
  • Aurora is declared Paladin-Commander.

3E 468

  • Kathleen the Spellsword aka Kathe is born.
  • Arlam Keiwynn is born.

3E 471

  • Khaldor turns into stone.
  • Nelog declares itself an independent state and allies with Jamalien against Aralia.

3E 474

  • Lucien the Conquerer, son of Diana and Walden, is born.

3E 476

  • The Tri-War between White Lions Order, Cult of the Dragon Skull and Zelharas united Necromancers begin.

3E 477

  • Mysterious events surrounding a group of adventurers and a golden goblet occur.

3E 478

  • Diana and Walden declares that Nelog is the capital of the newly founded Country of Lucrenia.
  • Walden is assassinated shortly afterwards by Lady Melharas of Crowforte Assassins' Guild, by order of King Eadric of Aralia.
  • Cult of the Dragon Skull dissolves with the death of Raemina the Succubus.
  • Zelharas and his cult of necromancers dissappear.
  • Paladin-Commander Aurora dies.
  • Cain the Merciful is declared Paladin-Commander.

3E 487

  • Queen Diana, the Shield Maiden dies by the hand of Sergeant Franz of the Aralian Army.
  • King Eadric of Aralia is killed by Erador the Berserker.
  • Erador is killed by Sergeant Franz, but takes his arm with him in his death.

3E 494

  • Lucien the Conquerer takes up the crown of Lucrenia and declares war on Aralia.

3E 501

  • Calell the Younger gets his leg crushed in The Battle of East Rock.
  • Lucien aims to conquer the whole of Aralia, but is stopped by The Mysterious Figure.
  • A peace treaty is signed by Lucien and Calell.

3E 527

  • The Mysterious Figure dies.

3E 529

  • Villemo dies.

Fourth Era

4E 1

  • The Great Battle at DeMelion Castle ends. The Fourth Era begins.

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