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Young LifeEdit

Felharas (Born 3E 432) grew up with his twin brother Telharas and eventually his younger brother Zelharas in DeMelion Castle, Northern Aralia. When Felharas and Telharas were very young, their Father, Sergeant Welvin DeMelion, went to join the frontlines in the war against Jamalien. As Melharas, their mother, became pregnant a few months after he had left, many suspected a bastard child. This forced her to take her twins and move to a small farm in Dragon Valley, to the northwest of DeMelion village, once owned by Melharas father.
After a few years it became apparent that Telharas was destined to be a Paladin, while Zelharas was tuned to magic. Feeling left out, Felharas joined the army when Telharas traveled to White Lion Monastery to train.
When he turned 18 he marched with the forces of Aralia toward the frontlines of the war, only to be met by a group of mercenary deserters who told him of the death of his father. Welvin's sword "Fury" was given to him, and he decided to join the band of mercenaries, who called themselves Red Rose Company. The company was created and led by a Dwarf named Durbil Stonefist, whom later became a very good friend of Felharas.

Red Rose CompanyEdit

Felharas quickly climbed the ranks of the mercenary company and was soon made Corporal and third-in-command. It was also during this time that he met Aludiana, a younger mage who had left her studies in The Universities of Arcane for adventure.
At age 24 he was suddenly appointed Sergeant and leader of the company as Durbil and his life long friend Beihan left for reasons unknown. With a lot more to think about than he thought there would be (Exaggerated also by having a somewhat secret relationship with Aludiana on the side), he made a mistake by taking on a job too big for the company. The battle between Red Rose Company and the demon worshipper cult called Cult of the Dragon Skull (Which had hired mercenaries of their own), took place in 3E 456 just southeast of Riverstone. It is widely known as The Defeat of Red Rose. The battle took many lives from Red Rose Company, but also a very important one from Cult of the Dragon Skull, namely their leader; Murdoch Dragonskull. Felharas slew Murdoch, but lost his right side eye in the process.
Fleeing the battlefield, the surviving members scattered, some to never return to Felharas side.
After a few months, however, Red Rose Company began working again. This time not as a big company of mercenaries, but rather a small band of adventurers. The second-in-command at The Defeat of Red Rose had been killed in battle and was replaced by the Corporal at that time, Erich the Fox. Aludiana wasn't appointed an official place among the officers in case of jealousy. With Erich as Furir, and a berserker named Erador as Corporal it looked like the company would be in good hands. But in just a few accidental actions, Felharas angered many.

A Life of BetrayalEdit

The Red Rose Company had a few good years before a few terrible things happened. The Furir who had died in the battle against the cult, had a young daughter named Viktoria, who wanted to look him up. She joined the company knowing only that Felharas had known him. At the same time the man who was Furir at the moment, Erich the Fox, conspired against Felharas. Erich hated magic and all beings not human, and therefore tried to kidnap and kill Aludiana, who was not only a Mage, but she also had High Elven blood in her veins. Viktoria was tricked by Erich into thinking Felharas had killed her father in cold blood. A few ugly events transpired, ending with the death of the third-in-command (Erador was not present at that time), Erich and an orc known only by the name of The Medic. Viktoria was forgiven for falling for Erich's charismatic personality and was appointed doctor of Red Rose Company.
The company blossomed for about one and a half year until Aludiana became pregnant. Felharas and Aludiana left Red Rose Company in trust to Erador and Viktoria and set off for DeMelion Castle to live out in peace.
But when they arrived, Felharas met up with his brother Telharas, and found out that their mother had died a few years ago, by the hands of bandits. They stayed in the castle until the child was born. The child was a girl, so they named her Melharas, in honour of Felharas mother. Felharas then traveled to the farm where he grew up and started rebuilding it. Later, when it was almost finished, Aludiana and their daughter moved there aswell.
A few years later, a tragedy came to be. Telharas had told his brother about their mother, but not of Zelharas, or why Telharas lived in the castle, despite being the Commander-Paladin of the White Lion Order. Zelharas had committed countless crimes, but were so powerful in magic he had to be kept in check all hours of the day, in the dungeons of the castle. One day when Felharas traveled to visit his brother he was met by terrified people in the village and rushed to the castle. There he witnessed his brothers fighting each other. Telharas fought in his shiny armor using his large hammer, while Zelharas was hardly recognizable in his demonic shape. Before Felharas could intercept them, Telharas was slain, and Zelharas turned to Felharas. In his madness he vowed to bring Felharas the same pain he had felt. As his brother sprouted demon wings and flew away, Felharas knew he was going for his family.
By the time he finally came back to the farm, it was almost burnt down. Aludiana had managed to live long enough for Felharas to return, just to say her last words. When she died in his arms, Zelharas appeared and cursed him to live as long as he did, just to feel incredible pain.

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